Loren Honey
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Hey honey, I’m so stoked you’re here!

I’m Loren Honey, an intuitive life coach, goddess circle facilitator and Reiki practitioner deeply passionate about guiding women back into their full feminine radiance and living the life they desire.

You are already whole.




There’s so many people out there that dont realise just how maginificient they are. Our modern world is constantly telling us we are not enough, we need this shade of lipstick, this style of dress to be feminine, we need this product, this course or yet another investment in our development. Honey, I trust if your here reading these words then your supposed to be here. If you resonate, let’s get to know each other a lil better yeah? And if not then that’s perfect too and I wish you well and send you some love on your journey - I hope its a beautiful journey too.

A bit of rebellion, plenty of fuck bombs, voice-shaking vulnerability, bad assery, radiant reverence and all soaked in love is what you will find around here. Integrity is important to you, and me too so no slimy lack mentality sales pitch from me, because that feels gross and I love ya too much! xx (fuck the rules, I’m doing this my way, wanna join me? #aquarius lol)

Do you want to:

Own your feminine power?

Do the deep inner work?

Be radiant as fuck?

Get clarity on how you want your life to be?

Love your beautiful self more?

Get your creativity flowing?

Lean into your intuition and internal place of knowing?

Honour your boundaries with confidence?

This is where I step in. Supporting women through the inner work (cause that’s where the real, lasting change will happen and solidify within you)

I work with women who are ready to dive deep into and unravel the blocks that have been holding them back so they can courageously honour their intuition, allow their self love to soar and their life becomes magical, full of flow, creativity and conscious creation of their wildest dreams.


Originally from beautiful Great Barrier Island, NZ, but grew up in West Auckland I’m a big nature lover. The work I do now gets me so lit, seriously. Watching women break down their destructive thoughts and beliefs, do the deep inner work and burst through to rocking their power, radiance and feeling so excited with life is THE BEST feeling!

To get to this point, though, hasn’t been easy (cause, growth ain’t always rainbows). My turning point was in 2013 when I was 28 and my life changed dramatically as my old life crumbled away before my eyes.

All of a sudden I had all the time in the world to have a bloody hard look at myself, what I had created in my life and my shadow aspects came up to finally be dealt with.

It took a while to pick myself up and start putting myself back together again. I came back to my spirituality, which I had dropped when I was in high school, started a meditation practice, devoured self-help books and somehow stumbled across blogs by women who are life coaches. The moment I first discovered coaching I knew that’s what I was meant to do, finally feeling that full body yesss on a soul level. So here I am, coaching women, facilitating women’s Goddess circles, offering reiki healings, channeling ways I can be of service and helping support as many humans as I’m called to. Beyond humbled.

Fast forward a few years and now I’m SO honoured to support others rise up too. I’m here to remind you it’s time to take your seat at the table. There’s room for all of us to live to our highest calling, however that looks individually.

Haere Mai!