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Hey honey, I’m so stoked your here!

My whole life I have been highly intuitive, I can tune in so easily. I can feel what is true for me and I have a deeply connected relationship to my soul. My whole life people have often opened up to me and told me things they have never told anyone else. People have told me things they didn’t even realise they thought themselves, they didn’t even realise were in their subconscious mind. I can see now that this level of truth that I seek, and that I bring out in others, is a gift and a superpower.

It use to make me feel isolated it felt like no-one else was seeing the truth like I was seeing the truth. It felt like no-one else was calling the bullshit except me.

I’m deeply empathetic and I can take on other people’s energy when I’m not taking care of my own. This is something I really prioritise in what I like to call energy wellness.

I’m a rebel by nature, some people say its breaking the rules, I like to say its finding a different way to do things. It energises me, feels more creative, feels more exciting, more original, three things I deeply value.

This rebellious spirit sometimes means that I rebel against myself. Even though at times I know that ‘following the rules’ is the best thing, this ‘fuck you I’ll do what I want’ attitude is stronger. And I create some inner resistance.

Before becoming a life coach I’ve had a very full life of experience. I had an events business and signed huge clients like grabaseat, Air NZ, RnV and Raggamuffin without a website or social media presence. I believe in the power of word of mouth and I’m grateful that my business grew because of that.

I’ve experienced darkness and bouts of depression in my teenage years. This resurfaced after my divorce. I can see that now for the gift that it is, it sparked and was the catalyst for my spiritual or my self development path. In a way, thank fuck for that.

I am proudly from Ngai te Rangi tribe of Matakana Island, Bay of Plenty and speaking a karakia in front of a room of brilliant women was one of the proudest moments of my life. I’ve always been willing to lean in to the curiosity, to the fear, even when my ego voice was loud. I’ve done things that have scared me and have brought me to where I am today.

Amongst the fear, I decided to become a life coach. I began holding sacred women’s circles, I’ve travelled alone many times.

Of course it hasn’t always been easy.

2013 was a rough year. My marriage ended, business closed, I quit my job, I lost my dogs, my Nana and I moved back in with my parents. Cue some pretty serious overwhelm, heartbreak and a wicked dark knight of the soul. Looking back now I recognise how much wisdom, growth and upgrades I received from those experiences. I see now how much I needed a giant shake up. In so many ways life is richer now than it’s ever been.

I’m super grounded. Some people refer to me as being like a bridge, having one foot in the deeply spiritual realm and one foot on this earth. I can talk with friends for hours about all kinds of cosmic shit and still have my feet on the earth. I don’t tend to float off, I don’t get hazy. This means that while being connected to my soul, my intuition, the cosmic magic that swirls, one of my greatest challenges of this lifetime is to continue to let go and be even more free. To play, to have fun, to be in the joy of this life.

My work is all about empowering women. Its all about holding sacred spaces, helping women reclaim their femme and their womb power.

Does this feel like something your craving? I know so many of us are.

My biggest fear is not realising this huge potential I have in its fullest impact. Im afraid of not doing what my heart and soul are being called to do. I know that some people froth on the idea of stability.

Not me. I want wild, I want untamed. I want pure unbridled fucking freedom.

I’m afraid of living by default, of playing it safe, of doing what society expects of me. Of looking back in forty years and realising I’ve lived the same day over and over and over in a way that feels like a dulled exsistance.

I’m afraid of not doing what I want because of what others think. I know I’m here to live a wild life.

I have a feeling that you are too.

I know with absolute certainty that every person on the planet has their own unique thing to bring to life on earth that they have their own unique gift to bring to this earth.

How about we explore yours?

I know for sure that life can be way more colourful and exciting than society leads us to believe.

Shall we unlock your wildness?

I know for sure that every person can be empowered and embodied.

Lets ground into that juiciness hey?

I know for sure the rules can be rewritten and that some definately should be.

As a woman that has claimed her power and continues to, I invite you to take a step closer. I invite you to have a conversation with me where we can explore how we can bring your wildness to life how we can deepen into your feminine power, your womb power. The power of your cycles. If this feels resonant my love you can contact me here

A few things about me:

  • I’m an Aquarius, a rebel with a cause. I'm an ENFP somewhere between an introvert and extrovert free spirit and a Projector in the Human Design philosophy.

  • I believe we’re always evolving and lifting others up rather than tearing down.

  • Doing things my own way cuz, damn the rules. You want find me talking about a 3 hour morning routine, instead I keep it super simple in the morning and ask myself what would support me best to start my day. It could be as simple as a few minutes with one hand on my heart and the other on my womb.

  • Im not into perpetuating the dogma that can circulate in the spiritual and coaching communities. I like to get shit real, ya feel me?
    I believe we are our own best guru

  • I also answer to Honey, Gypsy, Lol, Lozza, Aunty Lo, Wild Woman and yep Honey is my real last name, pretty sweet huh (I hear that line A LOT)

  • Apparently I have an extra rib on just one side. I’ve got a scar on my left thumb from chopping up wood for kindling. I was the clumsy tomboy type kid, often grazing my knee’s, brook a few bones or spraining an ankle - the nurses at A&E knew me by name lol.

  • I’m obsessed with textures, fabrics and creating works of art, whether its clothing, mosiac mirrors or sketching. Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love affair with art and seeing what my hands can create. In high school I was hustling in the back of the classrooms selling the beaded jewellery I made late at night to the girls in my classes. A part time job after school had zero appeal to me so I get crafty and found another way to create some income. My late teens I moved to making mosiac mirrors and selling these at the markets in the weekends.

  • At 19 after a brief stint living in Melbourne, I did a certificate of Fashion Design at Uni, thinking I wanted to start my own fashion brand eventually. I just loved how clothes were such a fun way to express myself and often lost many hours in fabric shops touching every fabric, feeling how they felt against my skin. To this day I still love wearing natural fabrics, mixing up styles and always wearing luxe lingerie cuz it makes me feel sensual AF.

  • Adventuring is a high value of mine, the first time I traveled on my own internationally was to the Sunshine Coast as a awkward 13 year old. I was SO proud of myself for paying for my own flights from my paper run (A LOT of papers were delivered to save up that money!)

My core value is freedom. I love being adventurous and trying new things, testing what's possible. And spontaneity. Booking overseas flights at midnight with just enough time to throw a few things in a bag and sleep before arriving at the airport the next morning is such a joy!

I'm so stoked your here!

Honouring the land and my lineage

I whakapapa to Ngai Te Rangi, Matakana Island, Bay of Plenty on my Dads side.

Wurundjeri people have been custodians on the land where Croydon, Melbourne is located, my Mum’s homeland and I also lived there briefly in my late teen’s.

Ngātiwai ki Aotea are the tangata whenua (people of the land) of Aotea, Great Barrier Island where I lived my first few years and still consider one of my homes.

Te Kawerau a Maki are the tangata whenua (people of the land) of Waitakere, Auckland where I have lived most of my life and currently reside.